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Doubleaye travels to Dublin

It was January and for another year, we had the opportunity to participate at The Holiday World Show in Dublin, which took place from the 26th until the 28th of January 2024!

We represented the amazing 5* Avra Imperial Hotel, Crete, Greece (member of Avra Collection) and met with hundreds of Irish visitors who enjoyed the exhibition as much as we did!

Luckily more direct flights now from Dublin to Chania and here we go to Crete this coming season for another holiday away from home!

As it's been a while to fly to Ireland, it was great to visit and meet up again with our friends in the city center of Dublin!

As always, we 'Sales Called' at Skytours Travel, Abbey Travel, Cassidy Travel, TUI and Skyline Travel!

All travel agents were so cheerful and very welcome and of course we were very 'lucky' to see them again!

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