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Doubleaye is joining Great Britain-Cyprus Business Association

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We are very excited to announce that as from today, Doubleaye is part of the Great Britain-Cyprus Business Association.

1 August 2023

Great Britain – Cyprus Business Association was formed from ideas that were cultivated during conferences that were organised by them, which was established with the aim of bringing Cypriot enterprise to Great Britain and promoting investment in Cyprus.

They have organised events at London venues where prominent guests were invited from Cyprus and the UK as speakers and panellists to discuss and debate the benefits of the Cyprus economy and its investment potential. Sponsors have also attended to promote their products.

They have also organised workshops, within the Greek community, where the delegates had the opportunity to be informed and updated on business matters, legislation and much more.

Savvas Kyriakides, Founder & President of Great Britain - Cyprus Business Association said: 'On behalf of our members and sponsors, I would like to welcome Doubleaye, as one of their newest members in our association'.

Yiannis Ioannou, Founder and Director at Doubleaye said that 'this is another great opportunity for us to grow and we can’t wait to join Great Britain - Cyprus Business Association's upcoming events in both London and Cyprus in the future'.

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