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'Sales have been very good this year with a huge increase of +135% to bookings for our clients'

Updated: Oct 22

Compared to last year in July and August

20 July 2023

On Tuesday the 18th of July 2023, we traveled to the North and caught up with our friends at Jet2holidays in Leeds.

During our meeting, we had the opportunity to discuss our clients' growth and how we can support each other for better results and boost sales for the rest of the season.

Claire Sawyer, Product Manager for Greece along with her colleagues David Thorpe and Aynsley Fairburn, Revenue Analysts at Jet2holidays, were very excited about the current results so far: 'In general, sales have been very good this year and we have seen a huge increase of +135% to bookings for Doubleaye's clients compared to last year with July and August performing particularly well year on year'.

It is obviously true that amazing collaborations bring amazing results!

Here at Doubleaye we love building authentic relationships with our key partners in the industry and in order to carry on our successful collaboration with so many of them, we look forward to taking part in a number of trade activities and social events, where we could hold business meetings with key players in the industry.

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